Weekly Wellness

Weekly Wellness

by Laura Dillavou

The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing; get out and enjoythe weather! Here are five outdoor activities that will not onlywarm you up in the sun, but get your heart rate up as well.

Take a Hike

Whether seen as relaxing, a cardio routine, or time spent with apooch, a walk is the perfect way to enjoy all that spring has tooffer. Walking around town provides a nice balance between leveland hilly areas, as well as a nice change of scenery from theweight room. For extra fun, offer to walk a dog from the Kiya KodaHumane Society.

A brisk walk for one mile will burn just as many calories asjogging will, with a lot less stress on your knees and feet. Youcan also intensify your walk by adding light weights and pumpingyour arms, like a power walk.

Yard Work

As little fun as yard work sounds like, it is surprising thenumber of calories you can burn with just one hour of raking,mowing and planting. As reported by primusweb.com, a 135 lb. womancan burn up to 356 calories through these activities. So whenCampus Day rolls around, look at it as an opportunity to getoutside, breathe the clean air and work with Mother Nature, allwhile working muscles and burning calories.


Although snow prohibits outdoor tennis during much of the year,now is the time to step out onto the court and strike up a game.Because of the fast paced action and intensity of tennis, it iseasy to rack up a staggering amount of burned calories in one hour.Again, for a 135 lb. female, she will expend about 450 calories.The running, hitting and quickness of the game incorporate to givethe body a great all over workout.


Now one of the most common forms of cardio, rollerblading is afun and easy way to work your buttocks and thighs. The combinationof pushing off, keeping balance and maintaining a crouched positionmake this workout one of the most fun and effective. Burning 454calories an hour, the time will fly by as you speed along. Don’tforget to strap on protective gear for safety.

Flag Football

Round up your friends and head out to Buxton Park for a round offlag or touch football. With the sun shining, not only will youwork up a sweat, but you will also incorporate cardio throughrunning. Surprisingly, this is one of the better calorie burningactivities out there. On average, a 135 lb., female will burn 518with one hour on the gridiron.