Simply Stated

by Simpson College campus

What’s with the editorial staff having their heads up theira**es!? How many weeks do the readers have to put up witheditorials that say nothing and rely on rumors and not facts? Inthe case of Alpha Chi, the Greek system (especially the othersororities) has been assisting with Alpha Chi’s recruiting for thelast 3 years. The Simp needs to get its facts straight. I realizethat this may not be the case with all the editors, however whenyou allow someone to write tripe like this without challenging it,and then stick it in the “our view” section, you are all as muchresponsible as the person who wrote it.

~ geez

I’m concerned about faculty student relationships; sometimesit’s more than just a crush…..

~ Concerned

Can we either turn on the air in the weight room, or turn offthe heat…most people like to be able to breathe when theyexercise!

~ Melting

After all of the GREAT things Erin Bresnan has done, why wouldthe athletic directors ask her to resign? Because of her feministviewpoints? I don’t get it!

~ boohoo

Would it be that hard to change Buxton Park to a nude beach thisMay Term? Just City ordinance or something? I think we’d all havemore fun!

~fun in the sun

Has anyone noticed the Coke problem on campus? it’s totallyO.C.

~ here today