Flipside Faces

Flipside Faces

by Flipside

Do you want to know if you really exist? How about the meaningof life? For answers to these and other brain-melting questions Dr.John Pauley is the man you should seek. Dr. Pauley jokes that hisjob here at Simpson is, “to drive students crazy”. As Professor ofPhilosophy Dr. Pauley does just this however, he does so bychallenging students with intellectually stimulating questions andideas while teaching them a thing or two.

Dr. Pauley teaches introduction to philosophy courses, historyof philosophy courses, independent studies, a senior seminar andthis May Term he will be teaching “The Problem of Evil”.

Dr. Pauley is not only an accomplished academic and effectiveteacher, Junior Mandy Peters called Dr. Pauley “intellectuallystimulating”, but according to several of his students, he is avery funny man.

Senior Brain Johnson fondly recounted an idea that Dr. Pauleyhad for a new May Term called “Toning and Tanning”; a May Termconsisting of working out in the morning and spending yourafternoons at the beach.

Next time you brain is bursting trying to figure out your placein the universe, or if you’re just in the mood for a good joke comeand see our newest Flip Side Face Dr. John Pauley.

Getting to Know…John Pauley

Job Title: Professor of Philosophy

Job Duties: To drive students crazy

Activities you’re involved in (campus, community etc): Lots

Hero and/or heroine: David Hume

Ambition: Not to say or argue something objectively stupid

Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Favorite Exercise: The list is long here

Favorite Food: Lobster boiled in beer and water

Favorite Drink: In the summer, cold white wine or cold beer. Ialways like cold water. In the winter, red wine or water. Nopop

Favorite Dessert: I’m too tough for sweets

Favorite Part of your Job: Students

Least Favorite Part of your Job: Grading papers

Favorite CD: Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Rust Never Sleeps orNeil Young, On the Beach or The Clash, London Calling

Favorite Book: Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant

Favorite TV show: Law and Order or Celebrity Death Match

Favorite Movie: Night of the Living Dead or Child’s Play PartIII

Proudest Accomplishment: I think my kids are basically goodguys. I hope this has something to do with me, but it probably hasmore to do with my wife Judy.

Motto: “All any man has is time” William Faulkner