Intramurals providing wide opportunities for students


by Ben Frotshcer

A hope of many kids is to play sports in college and even at theprofessional level. For most students at Simpson, this dream hasnever been realized. That’s one of the reasons Intramurals are hereon campus: to give students the opportunity to be competitive insports.

The 2004 fall semester is well under way and besides classes andprofessors hounding students about reading when the weather isnice, that also means Intramural events are well underway.

This week brought the start of two very anticipated leagues:ultimate Frisbee and flag football. Ultimate Frisbee has been avery popular IM event in the past, but assistant director ofstudent activities and intramurals director, Nicole Darling, saidthat a lot of students have been anticipating an ultimate Frisbeeleague.

“Ultimate Frisbee is a new league this year,” Darling said.”We’ve had a lot of people request this in the past.”

Flag football has always been a popular league and Darling saidthat it’s because the sport is something students have grown upwatching and playing.

“Students like flag football because it is something they arevery familiar with,” Darling said.

Once flag football and ultimate Frisbee get underway, otherleagues such as three-on-three basketball and volleyball willbegin.

Intramurals is offering some new events this year for students.Starting on Sept. 19, students will have the opportunity to take astab at rock climbing at Waukee’s sports complex. This is the firstof three opportunities students will have to do some climbing thissemester.

Toward the end of the fall semester, there will be a pair ofbadminton tournaments along with a whole month of cards inNovember. Both will be new to the Intramurals schedule.

Even though Intramurals continues to add more and more leaguesand events, they are still maintaining a high participationrate.

“We continue to keep 65 percent or more participation league.Our numbers are good, and with more new students participating theywill continue to grow,” Darling said.

One new campus project that Intramurals is working on, alongwith other departments such as Residence Life and Career andCounseling Services, is Balance Life: Education for the Mind, Body& Soul.

The goal of the campaign is to spread information on healthyliving. Each month the project will cover different topics.Cholesterol, education, awareness and taking responsibility foryour own health are just a few of the chosen topics for thismonth.

Fall 2004 Intramurals Schedule

September 13 – Flag football and ultimate Frisbee begin

September 19 – Rock climbing at Waukee’s Sports Plex West 1-3p.m.

September 20 – 3-on-3 basketball begins

October 3 – Paintball at ACP Paintball – Bevington

October 11 – Volleyball begins

October 7 – Pool tournament at The Sports Page

October 17 – Fall bags tournament at 1 p.m.

October 23 – Rock climbing at Waukee’s Sports Plex West 1-3p.m.

November 1 – Whiffleball begins

November 2, 9, 16, 30 – “Tuesday Night” cards at The Grill 8p.m.

November 7 – Badminton tournament in Hopper

November 14 – Badminton tournament in Hopper

November 15-18 – Three-point contest sign-up

November 20 – Rock climbing at Waukee’s Sports Plex West 1-3p.m.

November 22 – Three-point contest

December 2 – Putt-putt tournament in BSC

December 6-7 – Whiffleball tournament

December 3 – Des Moines Buccaneers Game