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To “Punkster”

Congrats on your new found jealousy. I do, indeed, care what myfellow classmates look like at all hours of the day, and sweatpants don’t do anything for me, personally. May I rot in hell andnever fit in to the “norm.” But just so all the ladies out thereknow, I, as one gentleman, appreciate your glamour and your goodlooks. Keep rocking out, I’ll keep watching.

-A Caring Gentleman

To the SLOBS in Sweatpants,

Don’t knock on the good looking and nicely dressed freshmangirls. Maybe you should take some notes, then you might realize whyyou are still single. Try looking nice for a change! Sweatpantsdon’t make you look good at all, in fact they add a good twentypounds your frame.

-Adolphus Busch IV


Wow…those two guys seem kinda shallow…who cares what peoplewear? I say let everyone wear whatever they want, and instead ofjudging them by what they wear, we get to know them before we judgethem. Who knows, the folks in sweatpants and the folks inminiskirts might not be so different…



In response to the person complaining about the way freshmangirls dress…are you sure that it is not just you being jealous ofthem? remember, you were probably once a freshman with a decentbody and now just another victim of a few years of pfeiffer…stopcomplaining it just makes you look worse.


For the LOVE of GOD (no pun intended) will someone PLEASE tellme why RLC needs 31 THOUSAND dollars for their budget?!? Seems likethat’s a bit ridiculous, no? And my question for SGA is why no oneeven asked where it was going or what it was for??? They justautomatically approved it! WHY?!?

-Where’s my money going?!

I understand that at college people get drunk. However, if youwant to get drunk and be obnoxiously loud, just don’t do so outsideof my room in the middle of the night and keep me up.

-Pissed off

Wow…way to go James Joy on totally keeping this person in thecloset. Many gay and lesbian people do date members of the oppositesex before they realize their sexuality. So just because someonehas dated men all their life doesn’t automatically mean they’restraight…way to be supportive. Could this girl have been denyingher homosexual feelings before college? It’s a definite possibilityseeing as it’s common for gays, lesbians, etc. to come out incollege because it’s easier to come out to new people you haven’tknown all your life- it’s less risky than telling your parents.Maybe next time you could be supportive of what this girl (andothers) is saying to you. Instead of helping you’re just pushingher back in the closet. And even if she decides she is straight,you’ve still done a bad job because you implied that by consideringhomosexuality, she’s a bad or weird person.

-Props to Mindy though for some good advice!

-Has a clue


Has a clue is overly critical and looking to make up a fight.The person who wrote the letter did not say she has ever felthomosexual feelings before, not everyone is gay until provenstraight! Most homosexuals admit it easier to come out in college,but most say that they have had those feelings before, just neverexpressed them. The HS guy told her to take her time with herfeelings, and never said she was weird. Get off your defensive P.C.high horse and read his advice without the chip on yourshoulder.

-Do you have a clue?


go eat ice cream and cry yourself to sleep.


TARNATION if this column didn’t knock me cattywampus! Justbecause you stubbornly ignore the handy pronoun “y’all” and like torefer to carbonated beverages with a sort of garbled onomatopoeia– POP — there is no reason to vilify sensible “soda” drinkers orthe enlightened consumers of “Coke.” Hang my turkey if this sort oflinguistic bigotry hasn’t impoverished the entire Midwest. Finesouthern words like “tump” (your “to dump”), “possum” (yourOpossum), and “chitlins” (your “fried and salted pig intestines”)all increase efficiency and colorfulness of expression. While yourcolumn is small-minded and provincial (any southerner must respectthese two qualities), what can I say but THAT DOG WON’T HUNT.Still, in the spirit of sectional reconciliation, I reckon I shouldclose in the spirit of fence-mending: your druthers is myruthers.

-Nicolas Proctor


I’m not quite sure that the soda/pop line runs east and west. Ihave cousins who live in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and they allsay “soda”. I always thought everyone on the east coast said soda.I have also know some people from Arkansas to refer to allcarbonated drinks as “cokes”. The word soda makes more sense thanpop. It is called soda because it has lots of sodium in it. Sodaswere originally made by mixing flavors with soda water. What doespop even mean. The only thing I can think that it would come fromis the phrase “soda pop”. We really need to find an English scholarto research this and find the origins of these words if a decisionis ever to be reached.

-Greg Elliott

Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to clear this up; see: Clearly the Yankees need to iron outtheir pop-soda issues before they can start criticizing the Cokebelt.

-Nicolas Proctor

Mark, Honey,

With all due respect, it ain’t just “soda” in the South; lots of”northern” dialects prefer the use of “soda” to “pop.” Go up nawtheven further, and you’ll hear even odder words for carbonated softdrinks, like “tonic.” Oh, and I’d like my soda in a bag, not asack.

-CoryAnne Harrigan


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