Theme gets started on wrong foot

by Sarah Cochran

Recent homecoming themes have been as popular as Central fansand this year’s theme isn’t any different. Let’s Get it Started,taken from the Black Eyed Peas hit single “Let’s Get Retarded,” isthis years’ theme.

After the Nelly-inspired “Hot in Herre” homecoming two yearsago, many students are tired of homecoming themes based on hitsongs.

“It’s lame,” freshman Emily Bisbee said.

Junior Stephanie Williams agrees.

“I think it could be more creative,” Williams said.

Across campus, the attitude is sour toward this year’s theme -and it seems to be a trend. Sing A Song of Simpson College;Abracadabra, Simpson Magic and Simpson Safari and are just a few ofthe lackluster Simpson homecoming themes of the past.

CAB gets the daunting task of choosing a homecoming theme everyyear. CAB gets together with the homecoming committee and anyoneelse from the campus to throw ideas out until one works.

“It’s not that easy,” said Rich Ramos, assitant dean ofstudents. “You’ll come with a theme that everyone thinks is cooland then looking back on it you’re like, ‘What were wethinking?'”

Themes that have left Ramos asking that question were Redmen,White and Blue Forever and Smells Like Storm Spirit.

Simpson is not the only college that struggles to be creativewith homecoming themes. Central’s theme is “Central: 1-5-0.”

The problem with this year’s theme seems to start with thename.

“Get what started?” sophomore Caitrin Leslie said. “Maybe ifmore people knew what was going on, more people would getinvolved.”

Yell Like Hell and street painting will occur before the actualhomecoming game, scheduled for Satruday, Oct. 16.

Despite some student skepticism, Ramos doesn’t seem concerned ifa theme is a flop or not.

“It’s just a theme,” Ramos said.