Storm face reeling Dutch this Saturday


by Dustin Smothers

In any arena of athletics, a heated rivalry will escalate theimportance and intensity of competition. Like the Yankees and theRed Sox or the Packers and the Vikings, the Simpson and Centralrivalry creates a buzz on campus each year.

So once again the book will be opened and a new chapter will bewritten in the Storm versus Dutch legend this Saturdayafternoon.

“Central has been a power in the league for so many years,”Simpson’s head coach Jay Niemann said. “The game grabs attentionbecause geographically we are closer together and there is a desireto play harder and better when we meet Central.”

After edging Illinois Wesleyan 13-7 two weeks ago, Simpson hadthis past weekend off to not only rest for the annual rivalry game,but to learn more about the Central team.

“It’s a big game for us; it’s our conference opener and we got aweek off to see more film and prepare,” junior wide receiver DustyKain said. “It’s a fun game to play in; the players get up a littlemore.”

Simpson bested Central 28-21 in Pella last year, snapping afive-year losing streak.

“Central is playing a new style of offense, so defense will bebig for us, as well as making sure we handle the ball wellourselves,” Niemann said. “Central has a strong defense as well; towin we are going to have to keep the chains moving all game.”

Central’s updated offensive style can be credited to new headcoach Jeff McMartin who replaced Rich Kacmarynski this season.Central comes into the game with a record of 1-1 after losing toAugustana College 38-7 two weeks ago and slipping by No. 14 BethelCollege 21-20 in overtime this past weekend.

When asked if the team prepares for the game against Centraldifferently than other games Coach Niemann replied, “No, if we didthat it would be saying to our players that the other nineopponents are not as worthy.” Niemann does believe, however, thathis players do invest more emotionally into the game against theDutch.

The players may come into the game more pumped up and Niemannhopes the crowd has just as much energy as his team will to make ittwo in a row against the Dutch.

“I hope that it is a well attended game, with a big home crowdthere to support us,” Niemann said.