FlipSide Faces


by Mindy Marks

Senior Kristin Mills has goals that reach far beyond SimpsonCollege. Mills is majoring in English and Secondary Education Shehopes to attend graduate school and go on to work with blindstudents on Braille skills and new technology options.

As a legally blind student, Mills has firsthand knowledge inthis field. You may have seen her around campus with cane in hand,in the classroom with her brail typewriter or at Pfeiffer grabbingsome pizza with her friends.

She relies on her friends for the same social needs as anyone,but her buddies are also great tools for help when Mills needs toread something.

“A lot of time[s] I use my friends or a neighbor and I’ll say,’Hey, can you read this for me?'” Mills said. “I used to postsigns, but this works better.”

Along with the help of her peers, Mills uses cutting-edgetechnology to accomplish day-to-day activities.

Many professors e-mail their handouts and assignments to Mills.These are read aloud on her computer, which is also hooked up to aBraille embosser.

While Mills isn’t your average college student she doesn’t lether disability stop her from being involved on campus.

As a freshman she was on Kresge Hall Council and a member ofChorale. Mills enjoys listening to Broadway musicals, but has “fartoo many favorites.”