The other rivalry in town


by Scott Schleisman

For the past two years, the Indianola Police Department andIndianola Fire Department have played an annual flag football game.On Saturday Sept. 11, the tradition was continued as the twodepartments faced off at Buxton Stadium.

The police department came into the game the victor in the lasttwo matchups.

“Both sides put a lot of bragging rights on this game.” saidfire department paramedic Mike Cormier.

The police department made it three in a row as the team edgedthe fire department, 19-12.

The teams had been practicing for months in preparation for thegame. The game was played by standard eight-man flag football rules- four men on the line with two-point conversions attempted fromthe 10-yard line.

Last year was the first time that junior Devon Sadler played inthe game.

“We lost last year, but we have had longer, harder practices forthis year’s game. It should be a good one,” Sadler said before thekickoff.

Sadler has been a volunteer fire fighter since he has beenattending Simpson. When Sadler is not in class working on hismanagement degree, he is at the Indianola Fire Department donatinghis time.

“The guys are great and it’s an honorable profession,” Sadlerstated.

The experience has been rewarding and exciting for Sadler,making him want to become a full-time fire fighter.

In addition to Sadler, former Simpson student Adam Sutter playedduring the game.

Before the game kicked off at 3 p.m., there was a tribute inremembrance of Sept. 11. The ceremony included the playing ofbagpipes and a moment of silence prior to kickoff. Life-Flightadded to the ceremony with a flyby.

Each time the fire department scored, a mini cannon was fired.The firemen added some humor to the game, giving donuts to thepolice department after halftime.

Admission for the game and ceremony was free.

“The game isn’t a fund raiser. It’s just a great way foreveryone to commemorate the victims of Sept. 11.” Cormier said.

The community also added to this year’s game in many ways.Indianola mayor Jerry Kelly flipped the opening coin toss. Inaddition, the Indianola High School cheerleaders supported bothsides, and the high school football staff served as thereferees.