Kellogg vice president of marketing… again


by Rob Stewart

President Kevin LaGree’s resignation isn’t the only recentshake-up in the Simpson College administration.

John Kellogg resigned as vice president of college advancementin order to become vice president of marketing and research again.Chris Goodale, former associate director and vice president of thecollege development office, was appointed to replace him.

Due to the unexpected resignation of Dennis Hunt as vicepresident of college advancement in September 2003, Kellogg leftthe marketing office to assume the open position.

Kellogg said the main purpose of the vice president of collegeadvancement is to “enhance the fund-raising capabilities of thecollege and to manage the entire operation.”

However, Kellogg couldn’t stay away from the marketing divisionfor long.

“In essence, this was the work I began at Simpson, and it is thework to which I feel the most suited,” Kellogg said.

The marketing department is responsible for most, if not alladvertising in radio, television and print media.

Goodale, an ’86 graduate of Simpson, is happy to step intoKellogg’s shoes.

“It [was] an honor to be appointed as the vice president ofadvancement for my alma mater,” Goodale said. “Simpson truly holdsa special place in my heart.”

Goodale doesn’t seem to be concerned about the introduction of anew president of the college. He said it wouldn’t affect Simpson’sfund-raising efforts.

“Usually people’s affinity is with the institution and not anyone particular president,” Goodale said.