Dairy Queen vs. Frosted Rock Creamery: The final meltdown

Dairy Queen vs. Frosted Rock Creamery: The final meltdown

by Mallory Higgins

It is time for dessert and you are craving ice cream. You have ahuge decision to make: Dairy Queen or Frosted Rock Creamery.

My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to go to both DairyQueen and Frosted Rock, scope them out, eat a little ice cream andhelp you make your decision.

Day One: Dairy Queen

Many of us have been to Dairy Queen before. According to theDairy Queen Web site, America has been enjoying Dairy Queen treatssince 1940. Myself, along with a dedicated team of taste testerswent to sample the goodies from the old favorite ice creamplace.

The six of us got a variety of ice cream. The most popular treatwas the Dairy Queen Blizzard. A Blizzard is soft ice cream withtoppings mixed into it.

The Blizzard flavors we sampled were chocolate- dippedstrawberry, brownie batter, cookie dough and Butterfinger. In allthe Blizzards, there was a lack of toppings mixed into the icecream.

Junior Sarah Holmes got the Butterfinger Blizzard.

“It’s a good Blizzard, but there are only Butterfinger pieces atthe top,” Holmes said. “It seems like that machine they use to mixthe treat into the ice cream completely chopped the Butterfingersup into little pieces. There are no chunks.”

Dairy Queen’s new Oreo Scoopable treat was also subjected tocareful testing. It includes a pile of soft-serve vanilla icecream, three giant Oreo wafers, and a side of hot fudge andcaramel. It was a big pile of ice cream, but the Oreo cookies werevery soft and broke apart used for dipping.

Day Two: Frosted Rock Creamery

This summer Frosted Rock Creamery was established in Indianola.It has been doing well in its new location according to AaronTaylor, an employee at Frosted Rock.

We went to Frosted Rock with an open mind and were notdisappointed. When we arrived, we were welcomed with a hugeselection of ice cream. With 12 different flavors of ice cream and20 different types of “mix-ins” ranging from almonds to Gummy Bearsto Heath Bars, it took us a full five minutes just to decide whatwe wanted.

The mix-in treats at Frosted Rock can be compared to Blizzardsat DQ. There is only one difference – at Frosted Rock the treatgets all the way through the ice cream.

I had black raspberry ice cream with Oreos mixed in. In everybite I not only has raspberry ice cream, but also Oreo goodness. Mycounterpart at Frosted Rock got mint ice cream with Oreos in italso. She said that the ice cream was very creamy and the minttaste was not overwhelming.

Phyllis Butler of Indianola went to Frosted Rock with somefriends the night we were there.

“This is my first time here, but it is great ice cream,” Butlersaid.

Jim Blakely of Indianola liked Frosted Rock because of theatmosphere.

“This place is nice and clean. It has a good atmosphere and theemployees are very nice,” Blakely said.