Tailgating’ with senators and singers

by Kate Paulman

Singer Sheryl Crow, comedian Tom Arnold and Elizabeth Edwards -wife of vice presidential candidate John Edwards – will all be inIndianola Sunday, Sept. 19 for Sen. Tom Harkin’s 27th Annual SteakFry.

Harkin said the steak fry is a “political tradition” andpossibly the “largest get-together of Democrats, Independents andstudents before the general election.”

Some Republicans may even be drawn to the event because of thelow cost and big-name celebrities, Harkin said.

The Steak Fry will be held from 12-4 p.m. at the IndianolaBalloon Field. Regular tickets cost $25, and student tickets are$20. Tickets are available at www.tomharkin.com or from SimpsonCollege Democrats.

Proceeds from the event go to Citizens for Harkin.