Hest, House team up for Stormy Nights

by Andy Goodell

Simpson College may not be known for it’s draw in artists likeDave Matthews or John Mayer, but on September 10, Ari Hest, asinger/songwriter signed with Columbia Records and Griffin House,an up-and-coming singer/songwriter, will present their musicalstylings to the campus.

Hest has toured the area before and has held shows at Simpson inyears previous. This year, he brings with him an artist much likethe typical college student.

Griffin House, a twenty something native of Ohio, startingplaying guitar and writing songs in college. With time, lifeexperiences and patience, House developed his talent into his debutCD, “Lost and Found”.

Music is nothing new to House, who found his ears first tuned toThe Beatles and Toto, albums his parents played. As he developedhis own musical likings, he discovered early rap, from artists likeRun DMC and The Beastie Boys. Though not popular with his mother,his CD biography explains, these “raunchy” artists would impact hismusic greatly.

Later in life, bands with a rock genre, like Live and The RedHot Chili Peppers would appeal to him. The musical style, emotionand originality of these artists, among others, set a model forHouse to follow as he experimented with his own lyrics.

Using life experiences, like his semester abroad in Luxembourg,gave him grounds for his CD opener, “Amsterdam”. Other tracks onthe CD are windows into this newcomer’s life. With lyrics ondreams, chances and downfalls, House appeals to the listener whocraves a soothing and easy listening CD.

Dan Carver, junior and CAB president, is excited about thedoubleheader talent they are bringing in.

“This is a great show for Simpson to have. Ari Hest has a majorrecord deal and we are expecting that that will bring in bigcrowds. Students from all over Iowa are coming because Hest’s nameis familiar on the college circuit,” Carver said.

So if you’re complaining about the lack of artists to be foundin central Iowa, don’t miss your chance to see the next big sound,Ari Hest, with newcomer Griffin House on September 10 in the BSCGallery.