He Said… She Said

by James Joy and Mindy Marks

I am a freshman and recently single. My boyfriend wants to seeother people now that he is going to a different school in easternIowa, he says he still cares for me and would like to get togetherwhen we go back home for breaks. However, I am now having feelingsfor my instructor and I feel that he is giving small signals. Am Iright or just imagining this? What should I do about myboyfriend?

He Says…

Don’t let your heart be troubled.

The majority of students have gone through this exact samesituation.

Well, probably not.

But I guess anything’s possible.

Your former boyfriend is being sincere when he says he wants tosee other people, but still cares enough to spend time with you athome during break.

He’s sincerely hoping that you’ll be there and want to get iton, even though you’re not officially together.

I apologize to all the men out there who just had their secretcode of double talk broken for all women to read.

The feelings you’re having for your instructor are either due tothe failed relationship or the irresistibility of the maleinstructors at Simpson. Contrary to what all the instructors wouldsay, I’d bet on the failed relationship. Your boyfriend bailed outon you so you’re left feeling lonely and don’t know many people.This instructor is there almost on a daily basis and in yourfragile state you’re probably imagining these “signals.”

You need to concentrate on the subject matter of the class, notthe subject of your desire.

James Joy

She Says…

It’s perfectly normal to be attracted to older men – but notprofessors. Mel Gibson? Yes. Richard Gere? Yes. Professor Sleazy?No.

Simpson professors are far too wise to get involved withstudents – don’t expect a rendezvous back in his office or amake-out session up at The Zoo. If he says he wants to discuss yourgrades, chances are that he really wants to discuss your grades.Not only would a student-professor relationship probably result inthe termination of his job, but it would haunt you forever.

Additionally, think about where you are in your life right now.Are you still picking a major? He may be picking a place toretire.

And how would your parents feel about meeting your “boyfriend?””Mom, meet my boyfriend ____. He finished his Ph.D. before Ifinished junior high and now he’s remodeling the basement of hishouse.”

As for the ex factor, try to stay friends. Even if you never getback together, you’re bound to run into each other and nothing saysawkward like seeing someone whose phone calls went unreturned forsix months.

Stay away from anyone old enough to be your father and enjoy thesingle life.

Mindy Marks