Movie theater remodeling

by Mallory Higgins

The Indianola Movie Theater is in the final stages ofrenovations that began last fall.

Manager Alison Meyer said that many aspects of the theater havebeen updated.

“The theaters were equipped with high-back comfortable chairs,digital sound and sharper images,” Meyer said. “The digital soundis a huge improvement and we have had many compliments with howgreat the sound is in the new theaters.”

Along with improvements to the individual theaters, theconcession stands and lobby area were renovated, Meyer said.

“We moved the location of the concession stand to the side ofthe lobby,” Meyer said. “Now we can have longer lines at the standwhich will allow it to be more organized instead of just a hugecrowd of people which it used to be like.”

Meyer said that plans for the renovation of the theater havebeen in the works for at least two years.

“I have only been here for one and a half years and the planswere already in order then,” Meyer said.

Meyer said that the reason for the renovation was to become moreup-to-date with the new technology out as well as to give thetheater a new look.

“The look the contractors were going for is what they call anelegant hotel lobby look,” Meyer said. “They wanted the colors tobe very soft and neutral, very elegant.”

Simpson students do not have to worry about the $2 movie nightsending this year, even though ticket prices will be higher soon,Meyer said.

“The ticket prices are determined by the home office and thefilm companies,” Meyer said. “We do not raise prices until Mayanyway so the $2 movies will be here at least for another year, ifnot longer.”

The number of people that go to this theater has increased, saidMeyer.

“Not only are people coming down here from South Des Moines tosee movies because it is at least $2 cheaper here, the number ofmiddle school students that come on the weekends has definitelyrisen because there is no longer a bowling alley in town,” Meyersaid.

Meyer said that the number of Simpson students going to moviesthis year has increased also. One of those students checking outthe new theater is Junior Jen Lashier.

“The addition of new theaters was a smart move because of thenumber of students that go to movies on the weekends because of thelower price,” Lashier said.

Lashier was also impressed at how nice the theaters looked.

“Even though some of the theaters are smaller, they are verynice and appear to be much cleaner and elegant,” Lashier said.

Another Simpson student that has been to the new theater isFreshman Courtney Fisher.

“The theater looked very nice and new,” Fisher said, “The seatswere really comfortable.”

Fisher thinks that once the theater is finished, it is going tobe a great place for students to go and see a movie.

“It is a great theater,” Fisher said. “Plus being able to see amovie for $2 is a great deal, especially when it is a newrelease.”

Meyer said that they are hoping that the renovations will becomplete by Thanksgiving.

“I can’t wait for this theater to be finished,” Meyer said. “Itwill be a nice thing for Indianola to have and I definitely thinkthat the town can support a theater like this.”