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So, we go over this every year…but it must be said again!FRESHMEN LADIES: Wear some clothes, ditch the curling iron, and layoff the eyeshadow! You look like a 2 cent dancer…I promise…noone cares what you look like at 8 a.m. or even 11 a.m. Sweatpantsare the norm. And heck..go all out for your 1 o’clock and maybewear some jeans and a nice covering shirt! Must I say…GROW UP!You are easily spotted!


Has anyone ever noticed the PB&J sandwiches at PfiefferExpress appear to have no jelly on them… but when you bite intothem they TASTE like they have jelly? Is there such a thing asinvisible jelly?


The new Simpson website looks nice…but when is the rest of itgoing to be changed?

any mouse

What’s with the totally lame homecoming themes? “Let’s Get itStarted?” Come on. Can’t we get a little bit more original thanthis? As if “It’s Getting Hot In Here” 2 years ago wasn’t badenough.

This year’s homecoming theme: downgrade.

homecoming hater

It’s great to see that the spelling was checked on this year’sSimpson/Central t-shirts.

the captain