CAB events attracting students en masse

by Rob Stewart

This year campus events have drawn record numbers of studentsfrom their dorm rooms to have their proverbial socks rocked, to geta mid-week chuckle or to take in a late-night picture show.

This increase in student participation at the often-free eventson campus is largely due to the efforts of the CAB.

“I love CAB events because they give us something to do onFriday nights … for free,” junior Sara Pohlmann said.

Attendance at CAB-sponsored events has been going up in recentyears.

During the 2002-2003 school year, CAB sponsored 116 events witha total of 15,311 students attending them. Last year there were 65more events sponsored by CAB, and attendance increased, too, to17,952 students.

According to Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students and studentactivities, this year’s numbers are expected to be even higher.

For CAB President Dan Carver, a junior, the increase inattendance is due in part to the establishment of CAB as a campusinstitution.

“I think CAB has developed into a trustworthy organization thatprovides a certain level of quality in their events,” Carver said.”Students know if it’s coming from CAB, it’ll be good.”

Ramos credited this increment in attendees to a diverse andcommitted group of students that work at CAB events.

“There are definitely more people involved … people [who] comefrom a more diverse group than in previous years, Ramos said. “Wehave people from all housing units, Greek, non-Greek, campusleaders, people who are not very involved on campus and manyothers. They are a great group who are just interested in makingcampus life a little more enjoyable.”

Also, a bigger budget allows CAB to provide more entertainmentchoices to students.

“I would be lying if I said budget does not play a factor,”Ramos said. “All of the programs cost money. Unfortunately, nothingis free.”

This year, CAB received $113,200 from the Student GovernmentAssociation, an increase of $10,347 compared to last year’sbudget.

According to Carver the majority of the money is used to fundthe Stormy Nights activities.

“When we asked for the money from Senate, we were estimatingthat around $80,000 is used for Stormy Nights and the rest is usedfor things like conferences, Homecoming, family weekend, etcetera,”Carver said.

Regardless of CAB’s current success among students, theorganization is still open for suggestions and new members.

“CAB is for students and we want to do, to the maximum extent wecan, what students want to do,” Carver said. “Also it’s never toolate to get involved with CAB, just show up to meetings and sign upto help out.”