The family that plays together…

by Scott Schleisman

Most stiblings can’t sit in the back seat of a car togetherwithout bickering, but at Simpson they share the playing fieldwillingly. There are three sets of siblings on Storm athletic teamswho influence, encourage and compete with each other.

The Kain brothers, junior Dustin and freshman Trent are a pairof dominating football receivers in the conference.

The Algier siblings have made an impact in their respectivesports. Gvonne, a sophomore, is on the women’s swim and trackteams. Her brother Gavin is a freshman on the football team.

On the volleyball court, Shelley Hagerty, a freshman, and KelseyHagerty, a sophomore, have succeeded as sisters and teammates.

“I can’t imagine playing without Kelsey,” Shelley said. “Lastyear was the first time in eight years that I played volleyballwithout her being on the same team.”

Kelsey might not have been on the court with her sister, but shewent to watch as many games as she could.

“I wanted to play volleybal, but I missed having Shelleyalongside me,” Kelsey said.

However, as anybody with a sibling knows, it’s not always hugsand smiles, especially between two athletes.

“Although we never competed for the same position, sometimes alittle anger develops between us,” Kelsey said. “It comes from usbeing so close and having an honest relationship.”

Shelly agreed with her sister.

“Sometimes I take some aggression out on my sister,” Shelleysaid. “It isn’t fair to her, but she knows that it isn’t personal.We’re so close that we can give each other honest critiques. Nobodyis able to critique me like my sister is.”

Gavin Algier and his sister Gvonne have a similarrelationship.

“Everything around the house always turned into a competition,”Gavin said. “Our dad pushed us to do our best, and now we do it foreach other. In the off seasons we would keep each other motivatedand go to the Rec [Center] together.”

Sibling competition and support seems to be working well for theStorm. The Kain brothers combined have added up 494 yards and fivetouchdowns, while the Hagerty sisters have 219 kills and 174assists.

Shelley credits her and her sister’s success to their level ofcomfort together.

“We are able to feed off of each other,” Shelley said. “I am amore outspoken leader while Kelsey balances me out with quiet andconsistent leadership.”

All of Simpson’s athletic siblings agree that when it comes fora needed pick-me-up, the best place to look is in the family.

“We were competitive doing anything around the house as kids,but now we help each other when the other needs it,” Dustinsaid.

“No matter what is happening in the game, Kelsey believes inme,” Shelley said.

Kelsey also feels that reassurance.

“The whole team is encouraging, but my sister and I have thatindescribable comfort.” Kelsey said.