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The Flavian dynasty has begun. This is a calling to all theFlava Flav faithful, put on your viking helmets and give me a loud”FLAVA FLAV!!!!”

last of the flavhicans

How about a three strike rule on abortion. Women who use it asbirth control should be regulated. By the way I L J, no where inthe constitution does it say “separation of church and state.” Itsays that you have freedom of religion, not from it. So efforts toremove God from every aspect of society is trampling on somepeoples right to religious expression. As far as liberalism goes,you should not be proud to be a progressive thinker if the thoughtsand ideas are harmful to society in general.

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To Conservative Report: Actually, many Republicans DO OPPOSEabortion for any reason, which is why some have been trying to makeit illegal. This includes Bush. My body is NOT the federalgovernment’s body, thank you very much.

get your facts straight

I feel almost guilty for saying this, but it has to be said.Adult students drive me nuts. They think they’re so much betterthan us because they’ve lived longer and they have to work whileall we do (supposedly) is go to school. I hate the way they talkfirst in every class as if their opinions matter more than theregular students’. I’m sick of the attitude, but I know I have onetoo. Just thought I’d comment.

guilty of prejudice

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