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Geez Louise! I have never been to a place where there are somany insects running rampant! Bees and wasps outside, flies at theGrill! Even gigantic spiders are everywhere! I realize that spiderscan kill these other pests, but why not kill them all with routinespraying? Gross!

Bug Hater

Freshman Women: Where whatever you want. If you feel like youshould be dressed up for class, THEN DRESS UP FOR CLASS. I alsohaven’t seen anyone wearing what I would classify as wearing what a2cent dancer would. You ladies look great, keep doing what you’redoing!

da man 53

Don’t be hatin’ on bugs (properly termed insects) especiallyhairy spiders – they’re friends and pets to those who know and lovethem.

Bug Lover

“Freshman Women: Where whatever you want.” Too funny….

the captain

In response to Sept. 29’s Depth article. For these girls thatcant seem to find any quality men on campus, where are youlooking?

not that guy

Is it just me or is everyone tired of all the childish behavioron campus? We are adults now, maybe we should act like it. I thinkthat it’s pretty sad when people who are at least 18 cannot betrusted to keep their hands off of other people’s stuff!


In response to Where’s my money going?! Have you participatedwith RLC? Do you know what it is and what they do? Probably notsince you don’t know what they are using that money for and all thegood things they are doing. Maybe you should check it andexperience it before you make any harsh decisions. Maybe then youwould understand the need for that money and what it isaccomplishing. Don’t judge something unless you have experiencedit.

-Friend of RLC

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