School of Rock


The fieldhouse was set for rocking. And the students cameknocking.

“I was extremely jazzed about the concert,” junior JordanOschwald said. “I would have paid $20.50 if I had to.”

Oschwald was one of about 1,400 people that showed up for theNintendo Fusion Tour at Cowles Fieldhouse on Sunday, Oct. 17.

Sophomore Amanda Mulholland said CAB worked incredibly hard toensure a smooth concert experience.

“The day of the show I was preparing for the show since 9 a.m.and was there until about 1:30 a.m.,” said Mulholland, a member ofCAB. “Not to mention the countless hours that we sold tickets.”

Oschwald agreed that the concert ran smoothly.

“There was enough room and a good setup,” Oschwald said.

The small space did not keep the sweaty crowd – and bands – fromrocking out.

“I would say the Lostprophets and Story of the Year were by farthe better bands there,” Mulholland said. “And they were awesomelive.”

Mulholland is convinced that it is something she would like todo again. She also said it was a worthwhile event for CAB.

“I believe it was a lot of work and I think CAB did a great jobputting it all together,” Mulholland said. “I think this issomething that we should try to do every year, or at least everyother year.”