Storm Cellar: student owned, student friendly

by Sara Heim

Under 21? Looking for a place to hang out that doesn’t involvealcohol? Love a great tasty late-night pizza?

Until recently, Simpson had little to offer such students, butStudents In Free Enterprise has solved the problem. SIFE, anational business organization, has created the Storm Cellar, astudent-run pizza parlor.

Located two doors down from The Zoo on the Square, the StormCellar offers students a wide range of food and entertainmentoptions.

“We’ve got all kinds of food available,” Storm Cellar employeeJessica Haug said. “Everything from pizza, calzones, subsandwiches, chips – everything a college student could want.”

The Storm Cellar offers students computers with free Internetaccess, pool tables, a stereo system, a big-screen TV and anX-Box.

“We pretty much have something for everyone,” Storm Cellaremployee Heather Kay said.

The money to develop and open the Storm Cellar came from fundraising by SIFE and grants given to the organization. They decidedto invest in a pizza parlor after researching what students feltwas lacking from the campus environment.

“People complain that there isn’t anything to do and it’s givingthem another place to hang out,” junior Ashley Harris said.

SIFE Adviser Tom Schmidt agrees with Harris that the StormCellar gives students another option.

“Students were looking for a late-night place to hang out,”Schmidt said. “We considered what the students said and spent sometime designing a facility that we felt would best match what theywanted.”

The Cellar is getting good responses from a range ofstudents.

“There’s usually a pretty good bar crowd, being so close to TheZoo,” Haug said.

The parlor also attracts a large number of freshmen andsophomores who can’t go to the bar. For example, the Storm Cellarbrought in as many as 200 students after Simpson’s Homecomingfestivities.

Convenience and availability are big factors in the business’early success, but employees attribute it to something else aswell.

“Students say it beats a lot of the other pizza places in town,”Haug said.

The Storm Cellar is still working on getting their name out tothe public so that they can continue to grow and increase innumbers.

“We have a lot of Simpson specials geared toward getting theSimpson crowd,” Kay said.

The Storm Cellar offers specials such as dollar slices of pizzaon Thursday nights, any mini pizza or calzone for $2, or a largeorder of cellar sticks free with any two large pizzas at regularprice.

Students can receive any of these deals by bringing in theirstudent ID’s.

“I think [the Storm Cellar] is successful,” Schmidt said. “Salesare increasing and in the long run I think that it will be verysuccessful.”