Halloween survival guide

by Ashley Pitkin

Junior Megan Norris hadn’t been to a haunted house since she wasin junior high and thought she had forgotten what it was like.

However she was quickly reminded late one night when sheapproached the doors of Stalker’s Haunted House with her friendsand a man dressed as a crazed police officer jumped out at her frombehind some bushes.

“The guy jumped out at me before I even got in the door but Idon’t think I was that scared,” Norris, an education major, said.”I was more worried I’d pee my pants.”

Stalker’s is the only haunted house in Indianola, but one ofmany in the area. Its founder, Scott Griffin, created it threeyears ago because he wanted a haunted house that didn’t rely onelaborate costumes, strobe lights or animatronics.

“We have people constantly following you throughout the hauntedhouse doing whatever they can to get your adrenaline going,”Griffin said. “You never know what’s around the corner.”

Not knowing what’s around the corner is right. It’s totally darkthroughout the haunted house and there’s no way to see if anything,or anyone, is around.

“It was so dark in [Stalker’s] that at one point I was seriouslystanding six inches from a guy’s face,” said junior Devon Sadler.”He scared the crap out of me – a lot of swear words came out of mymouth.”

According to Sadler and Norris, Stalker’s was a good hauntedhouse but for the money they paid, it could have been longer. Thecost of admission is $10, but Griffin says a Simpson studentdiscount could be in the works.

“We’ve considered giving a discount to Simpson students – it alldepends on if we get a big response for it,” Griffin said.