Our View

We know where the candidates stand on healthcare.

We know their positions on social security.

And we know that they’re thinking about jobs – lost or not.

Yes, those issues should be important to college students. Butthe truth is, those aren’t the issues that keep us up at night.

Those aren’t the issues that we talk about with our friends.

The sad fact is that presidential campaigns have pushed many ofthe issues important to college students out of the spotlight.

Without a clear presentation of the issues and their effect onus, it can be difficult to make an informed decision. Funding foreducation and basic human rights should be genuine concerns ofstudent voters – and they have been largely ignored by bothcandidates.

However, careful scrutiny and a little leg work shows the rightcandidate for college students is Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry,the Democrat.

Kerry offers a better plan when it comes to college education.His plan to channel funds from the State Tax Relief and EducationFund directly into higher education is brilliant. It will force allhigher education institutions within a state to share supplies.This plan is liberal, to be sure, but it would help eliminate thedistinct two-class system in America’s colleges.

Yes, that would mean that Simpson would have to share withCentral. However, a surplus of one scholastic necessity there woulderase the problem of a need of that item here.

President George Bush’s plan for higher education proposes anincrease in student financial aid of $25.9 billion and lowerinterest rates for student loans. Bush’s plan is good, but Kerry’sis more fair.

When it comes to basic human rights – namely rights for womenand homosexuals – Bush has let personal feelings come too heavilyinto play.

Yet Bush is not out of the race when it comes to women’s issues:”Security moms” back Bush because of his tougher, more consistentstand on security. However, Bush has partially restricted a woman’sright to choose an abortion and he is opposed to gay marriage. Infact, he is so opposed to gay marriage that he tried to pass aconstitutional amendment banning it.

On the other hand, Kerry does not let his personal feelings givehim tunnel vision.

Kerry is Catholic, yet he respects a woman’s right to choose. Hemay personally be opposed to abortion, but he understands thatwomen deserve the freedom to make decisions about their ownbodies.

In terms of homosexual rights, both candidates do pretty poorly:both are opposed to gay marriage. However, Kerry seems much moreopen to expanding the rights of couples joined in civil unionceremonies.

Kerry understands that not enough has been done to protect therights of women and homosexuals. And, if elected president, he willnot rest on his laurels about these issues.

Both candidates offer plans that hold benefits for manyAmericans. However, Kerry is the candidate that best meets theimmediate needs of college students.

We already know that we have to vote – the New Voters Projectand P. Diddy have bashed that idea into our skulls. Now we have tomake sure we vote for the candidate who’s best for us.