Groups have big plans for budgets

by Sara Heim


The Student Government Association has recently approved thedistribution of funds to organizations and groups at Simpson.

SGA met last Thursday in order to determine how much money eachorganization would receive.

The Friday after final examinations end in the spring semester,SGA holds a budget hearing.

“The Budget committee sits down and hammers out a budget,” saidEric Elben, student body president. “We consider past requests andpresent needs.”

Recommendations are brought before SGA, and it has the finalword in deciding the amount of money assigned to each organization,not the budget committee.

“Most organizations got right what they asked for or a littleless,” said Rich Ramos, SGA adviser.

According to Liz VanHook, SGA treasurer, all line itemorganizations are guaranteed funding. These organizations includeCAB, Health Services, LGBTQA, SGA, the Zenith, KSTM, Intramurals,the Sequel, The Simpsonian, and the Religious Life Council.

These organizations have big plans for their chunk ofchange.

RLC’s money will go toward the 30 programs that they fundincluding the Catholic Worker Organization, Habitat for Humanity,and various service opportunities.

Concerning the fund assigned to The Simpsonian, Editor in ChiefKate Paulman said it would be used to put out the paper as printingis the biggest cost for the newspaper.

Similar as The Simpsonian, the Zenith will use its money tocreate the yearbook, and another part will be used by the staff inorder to attend an annual conference.

“Technically we are in debt,” Zenith Art Director SuzanneBarrett said. “There are supposed to be enough copies for everyperson on campus, but we don’t have enough money.”

KSTM is still working on a definite plan for the money theyreceived, but its staff plans to invest in a new computer, a new DJsystem and more storage to expand their CD collection.

LGBTQA has many plans in store now that the money is actually intheir hands. Spokesman Christian de la Huerta spoke to the group onTuesday, and the AIDS quilt will be coming toward the end ofNovember. The money is also used for the prizes of the Drag ShowQueen Contest, copy costs and to attend a conference that will beheld in February.

Outside of these organizations, there are other groups such asModel UN, French club, Pre-law society and Public Relations StudentSociety of America, that also come to SGA to request funding.

There is an online form where organizations requesting moneyhave to specify how much money they are asking for.

“You also have to have a detailed description of what you aregoing to use your money for,” Vice President of PRSSA Tony Warnkesaid.

According to Elben, students are usually unaware of thedifficulties SGA goes in order to make these decisions.

“People think that a group shows up, asks for x amount of money,and we pass it and say okay let’s go home,” Elben said. “It doesn’twork that way. If we don’t question a group enough we take slackfor that and if we question a group too much they think that we aregiving them a hard time. It’s a hard balancing act for us.”