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Here is a refreshing post: I love it at Simpson! My professorsare awesome, the food is good and all of my friends from highschool think our campus rocks! Haven’t seen anyone post anythinggood on here, so wanted to stick up for Simpson!!!

-Happy Freshman

Silent Majority- you’re not God, and I really doubt you canspeak for him.

Keep your personal agenda to yourself. LGBTQA week is so thatthe student body has the opportunity to get information on theLGBTQ community that they otherwise wouldn’t have access to.Straight week or Christian week would have nothing to offer tostudents that they don’t already know. You don’t have to likeLGBTQA, but they’re not going anywhere so get used to it.


Yes, there were wrongs done by the senior class president,Mike.

Where was the other person that was to man the booth with him?If fingers must be pointed, at least Mike showed up…not to say hedidn’t do anything wrong, but if the other person had shown up,this might have never happened…this is just nuts and hopefully itall gets figured out.

-Koi fish

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