R-O-C-K at SC

by Ashley Pitkin

The long-awaited day is almost here. The Nintendo Fusion concertis ready to rock Simpson’s proverbial socks off.

“It’s not every day a big concert like [the Nintendo FusionTour] comes here,” sophomore Derek Lyons said.

Lyons, like many other Simpson students, is a fan of the bandswho are playing in the fast-approaching concert. He is most excitedabout seeing Story of the Year, and said he’s definitely going tobe in Cowles Field House on Sunday, October 17 at 7:30 p.m. to hearthem play.

“If they were playing anywhere in state I’d be driving to seethem,” Lyons said.

Lucky for Lyons and the rest of the Simpson community theNintendo Fusion Tour will soon be on campus – thanks to AssistantDean of Students Rich Ramos and the members of CAB.

“It’s been a lengthy process getting a concert like this to comehere,” junior and CAB president, Dan Carver said. “It’s something[CAB] has been in the process of doing since my freshman year.

Carver, and the other members of CAB, have been workingfeverishly since this summer preparing for the concert and have yetto take a break from all the duties it entails.

“It’s not just a matter of saying ‘We want this band’ and themshowing up,” Carver said. “There’s scheduling, ticket selling,advertising, security issues, setting up and tearing down the stageand running constant errands. All this is on top of what we’redoing for Homecoming.”

The Simpson community must be taking notice of CAB’s hard work.According to Ramos, tickets have been selling steadily all year andthe turnout is should be huge.

“Tickets are selling every day – they’re going to people fromNebraska, Missouri and all parts of Iowa,” Ramos said. “When all issaid and done we’re expecting about 1,500 to 2,000 people to be atthe concert.”

Ramos is pleased not only with ticket sales, but also with thework of CAB members to make this concert happen for the Simpsoncommunity.

“[CAB members] will get to see the whole side of putting anevent like this on – it’s been a lot of work,” Ramos said.

Ramos said just about every member of CAB will be working aroundthe clock on the day of the show. Everyone has a job, whether it’sselling bottled water or tending to the bands’ needs.

“There’s perks to working events like these – like meeting thebands – but [CAB members] have earned them,” Ramos said. “Most ofthem will be working from nine in the morning on Sunday until aboutthree in the morning or later on Monday – there’s a lot ofundertaking people don’t realize.”

Students like Lyons appreciate the work Ramos and CAB have doneand think it’s great that their fellow students are working so hardto make it a memorable night.

“What makes the concert so exciting is to know there arestudents who are excited to make it happen,” Lyons said. “It’s niceto know CAB has worked hard to get entertainment on campus.”