Students get the hookup

by Ashley Pitkin

It holds up to 10,000 songs. It remembers important dates andappointments. It can back up an entire hard drive. It’s availablein a number of colors and can come loaded with hundreds ofpersonally designed accessories. It’s the newest fad on Simpson’scampus – the Apple iPod.

“I use my iPod several times a day – when I’m at work, going toand from class and while I’m studying at home,” senior Eric Elbensaid. “It’s a multipurpose tool.”

Elben, a philosophy and political science major, bought hisfourth-generation iPod, the newest design available, in January ofthis year. Elben said he’s noticing people with them all overcampus.

“A few of my friends had them before I got mine, and I know Ijust talked about four others into getting one too,” Elbensaid.

According to Elben, his iPod has a battery life of up to 12hours and can hold about 40 gigabytes of information. He claimsthey’re costly but easier to use than other items like it -including mp3 players.

“The one downfall is they’re little pricey but I did a lot ofresearch and found they’re the easiest to use,” Elben said.

This isn’t Elben’s first iPod. He had an older model for about ayear but sold it after purchasing the fourth generation model.

“I bought my first iPod after my computer crashed last year -now I have my whole digital life backed up on it,” Elben said.Elben says he’s really happy with his iPod – so happy that he alsogot an Apple computer.

“I use to be a die-hard Windows person but now I’m die-hard forApple,” said Elben. “My iPod has never failed and neither has myApple computer.”

Junior, Erin Disney, is another fan of the iPod. She owns a pinkiPod Mini.

“It’s sleek, simple and user friendly,” said Disney, a marketingmajor.

Disney has also spotted the iPod trend spreading through campusand claims that she, too, has influenced her friends to buyone.

“I just bought [an iPod] for my little sister as a high schoolgraduation present and I always talk to my friends about gettingone,” Disney said. “They’re just so easy to take around.”

Disney often uses her iPod Mini while she’s working out andexplains that was the reason for purchasing the iPod Mini in thefirst place.

“I was getting tired of using CDs and a CD player while I workedout,” Disney said. “Now I have hundreds of songs I can listen to onsomething that’s way smaller.”

Way smaller is right. According to the Apple web site, theaverage weight of an iPod is 5.6 ounces. The Apple web site alsofeatures a listing of iPod prices that vary from about $250 to$450.

“The cost isn’t really that bad,” Disney said.

Many students like Elben and Disney have looked past the priceand jumped on the iPod bandwagon. Elben says it’s a good idea.

“I absolutely recommend getting an iPod to everyone,” Elbensaid. “It’s always there – like a companion.”