New program helps students with juggling act

by Ashley Fees

Life: it’s a juggling act for everyone, especially students. Forthis reason, Simpson has brought the Balance Life program tocampus.

“Balance Life was started to encourage students, faculty, andstaff to have a healthier perspective,” said Stephanie Krauth,Associate Dean of Students. “It is a comprehensive look atproviding programs about and for balancing health-relatedissues.”

November’s programs are focused on smoking and the side effectsof smoking. Signs across campus tout the risks of smoking and thebenefits of quitting.

The program was suggested by Nicole Darling, the assistantdirector of student activities and intramurals. Darling attended anational intramural workshop over the summer. At the workshop, shelearned about how another college used the program. From theseideas, Darling developed Balance Life at Simpson.

“The focus of the program is to concentrate on the needs ofSimpson students,” Darling said. “The issues that we are raisingaffect students directly or, usually, someone they know. Everyonecan have self interest in the program.”

Darling knew that Balance Life would be a useful addition atSimpson, but she knew she couldn’t launch the program by herself.She enlisted the help of a few other staff members: Chris Frerichs,Nicole Faust, Michelle Cross, Craig Peck and Stephanie Krauth.

“No one had the time to do this whole thing well,” Krauth said.”It was the constructive effort of willing individuals.”

Through the efforts of these supporters, Balance Life has shownup in many forms around campus. Part of the program is to stakeinformative signs in high-traffic areas at Simpson.

Along with the signs, Balance Life has advocated healthy eatingby providing smoothies, provided body mass index readings andhelped at the meningitis-shot clinic.

“A lot of interest has been shown,” Darling said. “We’ve had agood response and attendance at the events. We just want to keepprogressing.”

Balance Life also helps other organizations with promotions andfund raising.

“We’re still trying to get information out about Balance Life,”Darling said. “We know that by helping other groups we can achievethat.”

According to Krauth, the month of November is The Great SimpsonSmoke Out.

“We’ll have a display in BSC November 15-18,” Krauth said. “Wefound lunch time in BSC to be the most frequented time of the day,so we hope students come and check out the display.”

Next, Balance Life will address stress and relaxation in themonth of December. With dead week and finals in December, Krauthsaid the topic will be perfect for that month. Many activities forDecember have already been planned, and Balance Life is working onhaving massages available to de-stress students, faculty andstaff.

Information about Balance Life can be found in Brenton StudentCenter, though the campaign homes to have a Web site soon.

“Balance Life is not meant to be a ‘thou shall not’ lecture,”Krauth said. “It’s meant to be a how-to health guide.”