Living strong… Or living wrong


by Ashley Fees

“Yellow wakes me up in the morning. Yellow gets me on the bikeevery day. Yellow has taught me the true meaning of sacrifice.Yellow makes me suffer. Yellow is the reason I’m here.”

These words, spoken by Lance Armstrong, have become the words ofhope for many cancer patients and survivors around the world.

When Armstrong, along with Nike, decided to produce theLiveStrong bands, he hoped to sell approximately five million.

Little did Armstrong know these yellow bands were to become oneof his foundation’s largest fund-raising tools, selling 13 millionto date.

“I wear mine, first, because it supports a good cause,” seniorJoshua Nelson said. “The second reason is: why wouldn’t anyone wantto wear something produced by one of our modern day heroes? I guessit’s pride, it shows strength.”

While some wear the band to show support, others may see it asthe newest fad on the market.

“I do think in some ways it’s a fad,” junior Sarah Flaws said.”The bracelets still have meaning, but it might be a craze becauseit came about so quickly.”

While the bands did gain popularity fast, the nationwide supportof them doesn’t show any sign of dying down. Though they wereintroduced over the summer, people are still buying them.

There is a back-order for up to three weeks.

“I have worn mine continuously for the past four months,” Nelsonsaid. “Even if it is a one-time thing and people are just wearingthem to fit in, I don’t plan on taking mine off.”

LiveStrong was created to help cancer patients, survivors,families, friends, and caregivers. The primary focus is to help andsupport survivors who have completed treatment.

“It is such a widespread effort,” Flaws said. “Most healthissues are only dealt with when a family member is affected, butthis is so well known, it lets everyone have a chance tosupport.”

The Live Strong bands are not the only fund raising bandsavailable. Recently, due to the success of Armstrong’s bracelet,the Breast Cancer Foundation has created their own rendition ofthese bands.

The Power of Pink band is fairly new and hard to find. Thefoundation used the month of October, National Breast Cancer month,to promote the pink bracelets. Mass production of the bands beganin the beginning of November.

The Power of Pink bracelets are either snap bracelets orsilicone bands like the LiveStrong ones. They include the wordshope, courage, bravery and endurance as well as the foundation’sribbon trademark.

Flaws said no matter what bracelet you wear, it’s good to dosomething to support a good cause.

“These bands are a good way to do a little something and to beable to show it,” said Flaws. “And they may just be a fad, but I amplanning to continue to wear mine. It is stretching out, but to getanother one is inexpensive and goes to help those in need.”