Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: Before this election, I had faith in America. Ithought we would make the right choice. I thought the nation wouldvote for Kerry as a vote against George W. Bush. I truly believedthat John Kerry would win by such a heavy margin as to make all thepolls and the media coverage look ridiculous and unfounded. I amsomewhat glad to see that I was proven wrong, and that all mypreconceptions about my fellow Americans were dashed against a wallof ignorance. It helped me realize one important thing:

America is a nation of idiots.

George Bush has cut taxes in a way that overwhelmingly supportsthe rich. Yet the middle and lower classes still vote for him. Bushsupports tackling nations that have little to no affect on America,yet the public supports him in this endeavor to waste our money andthe lives of our brothers, sisters and friends. When everyreputable scientist in the world is calling for urgent action onglobal warming, Bush says we need more studies. As the patience ofthe majority of the rest of the world grows thin, Bush declaresthat we don’t need their input in our decisions. And as the Bushadministration tears away at our civil liberties, the people standidly by, assuming that these actions will protect our nation.

This letter may offend some readers. I don’t care. I will neverretract this statement. This election was an indefensible,inexcusable call for fascism. If you think I am being extreme, thenperhaps you should ask yourself why I am going to such measures. Inyour quest to understand my reasoning, you may find facts andstatistics that are not on Fox News.

I believe in American democracy, and its power to change thecourse of the world. But, as Benjamin Franklin said, a government,any government, is only as good as the people who run it. AndAmerica, through the power of democracy, has chosen the mostpathetic lot possible. The system is not at fault. The peopleare.

Chris Schacht