RLC to host Christian singer

by Sara Heim

If Jon Bon Jovi wasn’t enough, another singer is slated to perfrom at Simpson.

Christian singer and acoustic guitar player Shawn McDonald will appear in Hopper Gymnasium on Feb. 18.

“He really has a hip-hop sort of sound,” said junior Libby Ehrig, student chaplain.

McDonald has become popular through his song Gravity, which can be heard on the Christian station 99.5 KZZQ.

According to junior student chaplain Jon Bailey there are listeners at Simpson whose preferred genre of music isn’t performed on campus.

“By Christian concert I mean a major or minor Christian label that will appeal to students,” Bailey said. “McDonald has roots in a lot of secular music.”

RLC looked into three different groups, but after considering price ranges and scheduling conflicts, decided McDonald would be the best choice.

Junior Mara LeHew, student chaplain, said RLC tried to do a battle of the bands last year, but was unsuccessful in getting it together.

“It was too much to pull off in the amount of time that we had,” LeHew said. “Hopefully, if all goes well, we can think about doing a battle of the bands again next year.”

Interest is rising as more students get involved with the concert planning. Sophomore Jason Kramme, head of the Christian concert committee, is working to promote the concert.

“We are really hoping to get it in the student body’s ear,” Kramme said.

CAB will provide the sound equipment, lights and possibly monetary support, according to Kramme. The total cost of the event will be around $2,900.

LeHew also said RLC is talking to area youth groups in hopes of bringing more kids to campus and getting the community involved.

“The concert is for Simpson students first and foremost,” Ehrig said. “But we want to open it up to the Indianola and Des Moines communities as well.”

RLC is also trying to get Simpson students to perform at the concert.

“We are looking into getting Greg Dolmage and former Simpson student Garrett Abel to play as well,” Ehrig said.

McDonald performed recently at Central and got a good response from the student body.