An ‘Express’ way to Christmas

by Mallory Higgins

“Seeing is believing.” That sums up “Polar Express” in its entirety. It’s true – you have to see “Polar Express” to believe it’s a wonderful Christmas movie for everyone to see.

Based on the book written by Chris Van Allsburg, this is a great, magic-filled movie that will put a smile on your face.

There are many different story lines happening within the film. The main story line is about a young boy who is nameless in the film but referred to as Hero Boy in the credits. The boy is trying to restore his belief in Santa Claus and is introduced to many characters along his journey.

Interesting enough, none of the characters have names. The only character with a name is Santa Claus himself.

More interesting than the actual movie is the fact that Tom Hanks is not only the voice of Hero Boy, but of four other characters including the Polar Express’s Conductor and Santa Claus.

At the very least, it was fun throughout the movie to try and guess what characters Tom Hanks did the voice for. Some were more obvious than others.

The special effects in this movie were amazing. According to the November 10 issue of The Des Moines Register, the effects are a mix between animation and human acting. The actors wore electronic “jewels” all over their body that reflected light back into a camera. This allowed the actors to be digitally recreated as a computer-like character.

If you are not the type of person who’d normally like a movie like this, see it anyway with your friends. It’ll make any non-believer feel the Christmas spirit, even if it’s just for a little bit.