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To the person who says your body is not the Federal Governments:Your right on! But when you choose to do what it takes to becomepregnant, the child growing inside of you is not only a part ofyour body, but a separate body, sometimes even of a different sex.If people think that it’s not a baby because it’s not fullydeveloped, I choose to disagree. What do you think you started outas? What does every human ever born start out as? I guess those whothink it’s not human, well, what if we got rid of them all? Thehuman race would cease to exist. HELLO!

julie wilson


4 more years….. woohhooo I can’t wait to graduate and have nojob!! Lets get dem terrorists baby!!

George W. Bush may be the president but I refuse to rally behindhim. No one can tell me who I have to support. I refuse to be asheep. I refuse to loose my morals and values because people thinkthat I have to follow my president. This innocent blood will not beon my hands. Bush wants to be a TRUE Christian stop spillingblood.


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