Snow could force more students to buy parking stickers

by Becka Neary

Known to Simpson students as a “snow ordinance,” city ordinance 1015 prohibits parking on any public street or alley during a snow-emergency parking ban.

According to the Motor Vehicle and Parking Information pamphlet, when a snow ordinance is in effect all cars must be moved off the city streets.

If a vehicle is in violation of the snow-emergency parking ban, the fine is a $35 parking ticket and/or the cost of towing a vehicle.

“I was just too lazy to go move my car,” sophomore Brandi Stalzer said, whose car was towed last winter. “I ended up paying around $50 last year to get my car back.”

If two or more inches of snow or ice have fallen or are predicted by the National Weather Service, the ban is in effect for the duration of the storm and for 48 hours past the end of the storm unless streets are fully opened.

In the occasion of a snow ordinance, students whose cars have a red or yellow sticker can park in the orange lots. The orange lots include the pool lot, the baseball lot and the Goodwill lot.

The ordinance may persuade more students to purchase parking permits, even though they may have to walk farther than normal in their quest for a parking space.

“Since the first snow fell this year, a few people have registered for a sticker,” Director of Security Chris Frerichs said.

Simpson has approximately 950 parking spots available for the whole student body.