Presidential search continues

by Sara Heim

The search for Simpson’s new president has been narrowed to 14 candidates. By January, a new president will be chosen to assume office on July 1, 2005.

“The candidate pool is very strong,” said Steve Weeber, chairman of the board of trustees and chairman of the search committee. “We have sitting presidents, men and women.”

The cut-off date for applications was Nov. 7 and the committee narrowed the field on Nov. 17. It continues to work toward deciding who will lead the college as the next president.

“We want someone that will be able to work with faculty and be a participant in the Simpson community,” said student committee member, senior Eric Elben. “We want someone that will be able to bridge the gap between our projects and fund raising.”

According to Elben, Simpson’s student body president, the search committee is trying to keep all constituents in mind, including students. He said part of that process is not shortening the list by too much.

“We don’t want to be so specific that we start ruling people out,” Elben said. “It’s hard to get a real feel of who the applicants are without meeting them.”

Junior Kara DeNoon, another student committee member, said next semester the committee will hold interviews to move forward in the search.

“We want to take our time but also move ahead,” DeNoon said.

Current president R. Kevin LaGree hasn’t been extremely involved in the presidential search.

“It is traditional that the current president be involved in the beginning stages,” Weeber said. “After the initial input the president excuses himself from the process.”