Our View

A cluster of maple leaves on stationary. An ominous thundercloud with a lightning bolt. And who could forget the Thundercat? All these are symbols of Simpson College, yet none relate whatsoever to what our educational institution really is.

Clearly, a mascot is needed, and the athletic department and the Student Athletic Council are working to choose one.

The choices? A lightning bolt, a thunder hawk or a Greek God of Storm.

Our new mascot should be something that represents Simpson, and its students, to the fullest. While a walking lightning bolt might be funny, does it really say who we are? Rather, it’s just a new version of an old idea. The thunder hawk could be a good idea … if it wasn’t the same as Loras. And Coe. Oh, and a little like Iowa. Or how about a Greek God to represent a Methodist school? Brilliant.

On the other hand, a mascot that is truly a Simpson student, showing spirit and vigor for the team, is something the crowd can get into. Hence, a Storm man or woman would be a better representation of what a true fan is – someone devoted to the athletic programs and the spirit of Simpson competition. The costume should include a cape, tights, lots of red paint and, possibly, briefs.

It’s important that the person playing the mascot is enthusiastic and excited to be the new face of Simpson athletics. The student who becomes our new mascot should become involved not only as a participant, but an important part of school spirit.

For the person who chooses to don the cap of the mascot, mascot training camp is a must. It’s more than cheerleading camp. It’s a chance to truly become the Storm man or woman. The new mascot should inspire Simpson fans to stay in their seats past halftime. Only through proper training can the new mascot raise Storm fans from the apathetic level they’re at.

Mascot camps are put on during the summer by the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Northern Iowa University’s T.C. Panther goes to camp. Whatever Simpson’s new mascot is, it should go to camp as well. Taking the new mascot to heart, becoming the character and really engaging the crowd is what this is all about.