Our View

Though we are all young adults, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we are yet high school freshmen at heart. We have become addicted to the simplicity and immaturity of simpsonfacebook.com.

Its instant popularity is downright scary. Some people have more than 60 friends, others refuse to become a part of the craze. In its first week on campus some students have chosen to devote hours to this new-found procrastination device.

The idea behind the site is incredible; it’s a great way for guys to “scan” the freshman chicks without even leaving their rooms, and likewise a great way for the ever-increasing female population at Simpson to find a date.

This may be like a new rendition of hotornot.com, but for Simpson students only.

Though some think this is going to be a passing trend, others believe it will hang in there as they continue to add to their growing list of friends. As far as The Simpsonian is concerned, simpsonfacebook.com is just the next step toward making Simpson a glorified high school. College students should be mature enough to not spend hours looking for new friends on the Internet.

Yes, networking is an important skill students need to learn. But we should be learning it in the real world, not hunched over keyboards while secluded in our cave-like dorm rooms. Students should be getting out and actually “confirming” their friends in the world beyond their computer screens.