He Said… She Said

by James Joy and Mindy Marks

I went on this date with a really wonderful guy, I was smitten to say the least.

We went back to my apartment, all of my roommates had left for break, and we watched some movies and started making out. Afterwards we started talking and he confessed that he has a crush on my roommate, but still wants to date me.

What do I do?

He says…

Let not your heart be troubled because this should be a no-brainer. The right companion for you should respect you. If you ignore the fact that this guy is hot for your roommate, you’re disrespecting yourself and telling him that you don’t care.

When you rely on just the physical side of love, the benefits are temporary and it will lead to certain heartache if you see the relationship as nothing more than access to sex.

If you’re truly attracted to this guy, then slow down and see if there’s a possibility to develop a strong relationship – one strong enough that you trust him with your roommate when you’re gone.

Despite what you may have learned on Desperate Housewives, you don’t have to dump your morality to be popular.

Have respect for yourself and find someone who likes you as much as you should like yourself.

She says…

This is a multiple choice answer: A. Get rid of all self respect and become a mirror image of the roommate he pines after. B. Date him long enough for him to start flirting with your roommate, which he certainly wouldn’t mind. C. Show him the door.

Seriously, I hope you’re not thinking about dating him. The guy is using you to get to your roommate. He’s a deleted expletive who doesn’t deserve you or your roommate’s time.

Is your roommate is appalled by his behavior? If she’s a reasonable person she is. Tell him you see his weasly ways and you don’t deserve to be treated with that kind of disrespect.

Where will these devious tricks leave him you wonder? He’s going to be the one eating Ben and Jerry’s on the couch alone. When guys act like this it makes you question them all, but don’t worry. While there are many weeds in the garden, flowers still surface.

The Voice of Reason says…



OK, hold on – you made out with him, he’s not your boyfriend, and he is hot for your roommate. So he’s getting the milk for free and therefore not buying the cow. At the same time, he gets to stare at another cow. This guy’s got it all … except brains. I may be no expert in love, but I am an expert at having great roommates. You should tell you roomie so you both can be equally astonished at what a pig he is.

If he really does want to date you, why did he need to tell you about his crush? Seriously. That’s one of those things that just doesn’t need brought up if it’s not serious – and you and him aren’t serious. What was he thinking? Nothing.

What should you do? It’s obvious he’s a non-thinking no-good-nik.

Bottom line: drop him like he’s hot.