FlipSide Faces

by Mindy Marks

It has been three and a half years since senior Om Gurung went home.

Gurung is one of nine students studying at Simpson from Nepal, and though he’s been in the States for a long time, he stays in touch with his family through weekly phone calls.

For Gurung, being away from home is nothing new. He spent 12 years at a boarding school, where, before living there, he spent two hours each day walking to and from the school.

His work ethic brought him to Simpson, where he still manages to work about 25 hours each week at Upward Bound, Hawley Academic Learning Center, the computer labs and the registrar’s office.

“Last summer I worked eight different jobs and slept very little,” Gurung said. “I don’t have that energy now.”

While Gurung works hard at his jobs and classes, he also knows how to play hard. Sports like pool and ping pong have captured Gurung’s attention.

“I learned pool here and I’m good at geometry,” Gurung said, who has been the pool, badminton, ping pong and soccer intramural champion for the past three years.

Gurung has enjoyed his time in the United States and isn’t ready to return to Nepal just yet.

After graduation he hopes to find a job in computer science. International students can obtain a one-year work visa and gain permanent residency if a company chooses to sponsor them. If this doesn’t happen for Gurung, he hopes to go on to graduate school in mathematics.

Fun Facts:

Languages: Four fluently and two he can understand. His family has its own language, Gurung.

Siblings: A brother and sister in sixth and seventh grade

Hobby: Singing

Seasonal changes: Nepal has six seasons unlike our four.