Our View

If Simpson College wants its athletes to pass the test, it’s the administration that needs to bulk up – on common sense, that is.

Simpson’s athletic program has long been known for strong leadership, good financial management and fine student athletes. However, the popularity of steroids, drugs and alcohol among college students in general should raise a red flag not only to administrators but also to fans and opponents.

Because all Simpson athletes sign an agreement that permits the college to conduct random drug tests, coaches and the athletic director have the power to test any athlete or cheerleader at any time. But the process has far from a perfect score, as the college rarely conducts such tests.

Over the past years, Simpson hasn’t taken advantage of its drug-testing privileges. In a college community where we are supposed to be proud of our students, athletes and coaches, why aren’t we more liberal with this test and the results? Our administration has made efforts to have random drug testing, and therefore it should use those rights to either disqualify any athletes testing positive, or praise those testing negative.

To combat alcohol, steroid use or drug habits, random drug testing should be preformed on all athletes, regardless of grade point average, position, or class status. Reinforcing drug testing in freshmen through seniors would ensure that athletes took our administration and its policies seriously. Until we start bringing the hammer down on drug and alcohol users, Simpson’s drug test policy will remain ineffective. If our college expects to beef up it’s athletic program, it needs to build a tradition of positive, drug-free athletes and a serious administration first.