Search in next stage

by Zach Leiser

For the first time in its history, Simpson College could have a female president.

According to senior Eric Elben, student body representative, two of the four candidates for the position are women, but little is known about who they are and where they’re from.

“The candidates are coming from institutions where if somebody finds out they’re looking for a job, and they don’t get the job here, then they’ve lost two jobs,” Elben said.

However, the student body will not have to wait long to find out: the committee has made its final selection. The Board of Trustees will meet Friday to vote and the president will be announced next Wednesday.

The committee has already completed reference checking for the final candidate.

Elben, who has been involved in the process since it started, feels the search is being conducted smoothly.

Steven Weeber, chairman of the presidential search committee, is also impressed with the way this process has been conducted.

“All four candidates walked away from their experience with a richer meaning of us, as well as respect for Simpson College,” Weeber said.

Last week six students and a select number of board members met with each of the four candidates, individually, to interrogate them on their views and aspirations for Simpson College.

During the meetings, the candidates and the student body representatives talked about Simpson’s student groups, religious life, weekend activities and other student-oriented organizations on campus.

At the end of these sessions, the students gave their input on who they thought would be the best candidate for Simpson.

Junior Dan Carver, student body representative, commented about how each candidate had a different ideas of what they wanted to do, but all were equally committed and deserving of the position.

“Each would bring a unique perspective to Simpson,” Carver said. “Regardless of who they choose, Simpson will be in good hands.”

Currently the board is performing reference and background checks on all the candidates. From there, the search committee will meet at least one more time before deciding who will become Simpson’s 22nd president.

“It’s only a matter of weeks, not months, until we find out,” Elben said.