FlipSide Faces


by Mindy Marks

During the summer before Denice Ross Haynes’ junior year at Northwestern, her grandmother took her dress shopping. Ross Haynes’ grandmother wanted to get her out of sweats and into church-going dresses. They spent that summer attending church together.

“After that I was more interested in living a life of faith,” said Ross Haynes, director of counseling and career services. “Now I integrate times for prayer and meditation to keep up this pace.”

Her life outside of Simpson is busy – she’s the mother of two children, ages 12 and 16, and an entrepreneur of the new magazine Varsity Women.

The first issue of her magazine came out last October and is directed toward seasoned women of faith who nurture and support other women. Varsity Women provides tools for these women to work with.

Ross Haynes is active at her church, singing and working with women’s ministry – when time allows.

“Some people struggle in different areas so I tell them not to be afraid to be honest with God,” Ross Haynes said.

Ross Haynes has had an interesting life journey, and so far it stops right here at Simpson. After growing up in Chicago, she moved to Peoria, Ill. where she spent the majority of her adult life. After doing some consulting for a local high school, the principal urged her to pursue a masters degree and work in higher education.

On May 10, 2003, Ross Haynes graduated from the Education and Administration masters program at Illinois State University. Just hours before her graduation, she was offered the position of Director of Counseling and Career Services at Simpson.

“It was an opportunity to combine career development with vocation,” Ross Haynes said. “We try to answer bigger questions in life and not just look at resumés.”