Letters to the Editor

Access to information denied

While I understand the desire for Simpson to protect our computers from viruses and spyware, I think [its] gone a little too far. Colleges and universities are supposed to be beacons of free speech. How can that be accomplished when it’s difficult to get on the network? There’s a wide wealth of knowledge and learning potential on the Internet but we can’t access it because of firewalls. What if Simpson started to rely more on teaching computer skills and education and less on restricting access? It’s a win-win situation.

Patrick Carlson


Treatise of the Puritan

Alexandra Kollantai was wrong (See [Kate] Paulman’s well-crafted piece from last week’s Simp). To say that sex has no more significance than drinking a glass of water is profoundly false. America has done more than set up a repulsive, repressive sexual double standard: America has set up a repressive mindset which is echoed by Kollantai and those who tell us, “if you like something, do it.” How deeply painful it will be for those who have accepted this mentality when it turns out to be painfully flawed. Even if one is “protected” against the countless physical repercussions of sex, there is no condom for the heart.

Sex was created by an almighty and loving God for procreation and pleasure within a loving, committed marriage. Outside these bounds, it can be devastating and painful, or at the very least not the beautiful, intimate thing for which it was intended.

Beyond any current sexual relationship, sex can be hurtful for a future spouse. Imagine walking down the aisle toward your future husband, knowing that what he’s getting tonight isn’t just his. Just as two pieces of paper when glued together and ripped apart become fragmented and shredded, so too are the hearts who have been bound together and split apart by the act of sex.

You’re worth more than doing something which brings short-term pleasure at the expense of long-term destruction. You’re precious and worthwhile. You were intricately crafted, fearfully and wonderfully made. You are priceless.

Miranda Lund