Apple introduces new products

by Mallory Higgins

With the start of a New Year comes new technology.

According to the Apple Computer Web site, there are two new products to make everyone’s lives easier. Those products are the iPod Shuffle and the Mini Mac.

Rich Ramos, assistant dean of students, said that he enjoys seeing all the new products come out every year.

“Apple has always been on the cutting edge of new technology,” Ramos said. “Their products are user friendly, easy to operate and require minimal to no instruction.”

Ramos said sophomore David Kim won a Shuffle at bingo.

Kim said he was not planning on getting a Shuffle before he won it.

“I am somewhat excited about winning the Shuffle,” Kim said. “I am not a big fan of Apple. But I will use it since I have it.”

Senior Eric Elben would disagree with Kim.

“I would definitely recommend the Shuffle to anyone looking to get an mp3 player,” Elben said. “They are more reliable than anything else out there.”

Elben said the iPod and iPod Shuffle’s easy to use features make them the best music player out right now.

According to the Apple Computer Web site, the iPod Shuffle weighs as little as a car key with a weight of .78 of an ounce. The size of the Shuffle is comparable to a pack of five sticks of gum.

The Web site makes the Shuffle appealing to the person on the go. Whether you are a hard core runner or a snow boarder, the Shuffle’s accessories make it ideal for a person wanting something compact to take with them everywhere.

Elben agrees that the Shuffle is for someone on the go.

“The Shuffle has no screen, one button and is the size of a pack of gum,” Elben said. “If you are a jogger, this is ideal for you. It is pretty much made for someone on the go.”

The other new product that is out this year from Apple is the Mini Mac.

The Mini Mac is being marketed as “the most affordable Mac ever.” Prices for the Mini Mac online range from $499 to $599.

The Mini Mac is really what the name says it to be. Mini. The width and depth of this new machine are 6.5 inches and the height is a mere 2 inches. The Mini Mac even weighs less than three pounds.

Elben has already ordered one.

“My Mini Mac will be here in about a month.” Elben said. “I can not wait for it to get here.