Junior Laura Spain elected as CAB president

by Stacy Owens

Fresh, new perspective is in store for the entire Simpson campus according to junior Laura Spain, who was recently elected the president of CAB.

“I have a lot of new ideas,” Spain said. “I love helping plan events and getting things going.”

One of her ideas is to distribute the power between the members of CAB.

“I have implemented new positions within CAB so it isn’t an organization run by one person, it is a way for more people to become involved,” Spain said. “For example some of the positions will be a public relations director, an event planner, and a program development coordinator.”

The members of CAB elected Spain to this office. She didn’t always have aspirations for the position.

“I actually got talked into it by Dan Carver and Rich Ramos,” Spain said. I knew it was a large commitment, but I was already so involved in setting up and tearing down and being at every event, so I thought, ‘Why not become in charge?'”

Spain has big shoes to fill – she follows junior Dan Carver as president. Carver has been referred to on occasion as “Mr. Simpson College,” but Spain isn’t trying to earn an equal title.

“I’m going to try my best to live up to Dan Carver,” she said. “He did a great job, but I’m not looking to be Miss Simpson College.”

Carver is confident in Spain’s abilities as a leader.

“I think she will do extremely well because she is very experienced and knows CAB and has been a member for a very long time,” Carver said.

Spain has been actively involved in planning activities and serving on various committees.

“I have been on CAB since second semester freshman year,” she said. “I have been co-chair of homecoming and co-chair of family weekend.”

According to Spain, being president of CAB takes hard work and a large time commitment.

“I meet with Rich each week and talk about what is going on,” she said. “I go to all the setups and make sure there is stuff to do on campus.”

Spain spent a semester in Nicaragua and said her experience abroad will help her as CAB president.

“Traveling abroad definitely helped me to get this position,” Spain said. “It broadened my horizons and made me want to get more involved.”

Members of CAB have no reservations about Spain taking charge.

“She’ll be a great president,” senior Andy Merrill said. “She knows how to get the job done. She knows how to take charge of a situation. You will definitely see a good selection of acts while she is president. I guarantee it.”