Weight room use increases after Christmas break

by J.C. Blomstedt

The bar hovered perilously above his chest. He exhaled loudly as pounding music, adrenaline and desire fueled the finish of his lift.

Freshman Jordan Baird is among the mass of Simpson students that have frequented the weight room lately.

Facility Manager Cory Chapman said as a student and an employee at Cowles, he has noticed that after Christmas break many more people begin to use the weight room in preparation for their spring break trips, among other things.

Baird is a student employee of the weight room, and he’s also noticed the surge in activity.

“There have been a lot more people,” Baird said. “Like the teachers and the people who used to run outside are now using the treadmills.”

Chapman also said offseason workout programs for out-of-season sports are another reason for the high volume of people in the weight room.

Teams have been in the weight room in high numbers, and that can lead to limited use for the student looking to get into shape.

“When the football team lifts together, it can get pretty crowded,” Baird said.

Besides the increase of people in the weight room in general, Baird said the cardiovascular equipment has been popular.

Chapman said a person wishing to use the cardiovascular equipment should try to use it before 10 a.m. to have the best luck.

“The busy time is around lunch hour and from three till six in the afternoon,” Chapman said. “The quiet times are in the morning from eight to 10.”

Users of Cowles also seem to be doing more than quick workouts in between class or work. Chapman estimates the average workout length to be between 45 and 90 minutes.

Baird said students are using more than just the cardiovascular equipment.

“A lot of people run and do abs with the balls and medicine balls for a full-body workout,” Baird said.

However, Chapman doesn’t expect the current amount of people working out at Cowles to sustain itself throughout the end of the school year.

“The activity will slow down after spring break,” Chapman said.