Hawley helps students prepare for graduate school exams

by Tia Nearmyer

Senior Kristine Robson has her sights set on the University of Colorado at Boulder. But before she could

think about packing her bags and moving out West, the pesky Graduate Record Examination had to be taken.

The GRE measures the verbal, qualitative and analytical reasoning skills of students who want to attend

graduate school. Unlike the MCAT and LSAT, the test is not related to any particular field of study.

To prepare for the test, Robson turned to the Hawley Resource Center for help.

“I checked out a comprehensive book that had an accompanying CD,” Robson said. “They also had a free

flier that had all of the information about the testing centers and the Web site to get registered for the test.”

According to Todd Little, director of Hawley Resource Center, there’s a variety of information students can

check out to prepare for multiple tests. Little said Hawley stocks books, computer software and full-length exams

for tests such as the MCAT, LSAT, GRE, and GMAT.

However, many Simpson College seniors don’t know Hawley can help them prepare for tests. Senior Ryan

Hildreth said he wished he’d have known some of what Hawley had to offer.

“If I would have known they had material on the LSAT, [Hawley] would have been the first place I went,”

senior Ryan Hildreth said.

Instead, Hildreth bought an LSAT preparation book with accompanying computer software and took a

weekend course.

“Typically we have approximately 50 students who come to Hawley to ask questions, obtain preparation

material, and pick up the information packets,” Little said.

Robson had been a tutor for Hawley in the past and noticed the stock of books when she had a tutoring


Hawley has worked with Counseling and Career Services in the past to provide Graduate School Awareness

workshops in which information is provided to students. The information is also available on their Web site.

“Hawley is a good way to just check out the practice books for the time span that you need it,” Robson said.

“Plus they give you some direction as to how to get signed up for the test.”