New club knits up a storm on campus

by Stacy Owens

Knitting is a hobby one expects to find in a nursing home, not on a college campus. But the popularity of this handmade craft has lead to Simpson’s very own knitting club.

“I started the knitting club right before Christmas,” sophomore Jen Gibson said. “I started the club because last summer I was in a knitting club back home and really enjoyed the interaction between everyone. Also, I read a book about an awesome group of ladies that became friends through knitting. My friends on campus that I had taught how to knit really encouraged me to start a knitting club.”

The club meets Tuesday evenings.

“I learned how to knit for the first time at the knitting club,” junior Tia Bernard said. “I found out about the knitting club through the mass e-mail that went out to campus and then replied.”

Gibson said the number of people that participate varies each week.

“When we started before Christmas, we had 20 people that came,” Gibson said. “Now we have six or seven that come on average. Any number of people is awesome though.”

Many students have used the knitting club as a way to learn how to make inexpensive gifts.

“I wanted to learn how to knit so I could make Christmas presents on a low financial budget,” sophomore Erin Kreiman said. “My favorite thing about knitting is giving a homemade present to someone. The whole time you are making it you are constantly thinking about them and they know it took a lot of time and effort to make.”

The club is a good way for inexperienced knitters to learn new techniques and ideas for projects.

“We meet just for fun,” Kreiman said. “We knit and share project ideas. We teach people how to knit, and the more experienced help the less experienced.”

The knitting club is more than just learning how to knit – it has become a way to meet new friends.

“I teach people how to do it, but the point of a knitting club is more than just teaching someone how to knit,” Gibson said. “It’s about the community and the interaction. I have made so many awesome friends that I might not have met if it wasn’t for knitting club. I just love it.”

Gibson said knitting is not only a fun activity but it also serves as a way for students to meet and relax.

“It’s a really relaxing hobby,” Gibson said. “I can knit while I watch television, talk on the phone or go to a lecture. How many times can you go somewhere as a college student and come back completely relaxed?”