Czarneski to be new math professor

by Vania Quiroz

Debra Czarneski was hired last week to work in the Mathematics department due to the retirement of William C. Dunning, professor of mathematics.

“Undergraduate research is really important for us and she conveys an understanding of what it means,” Rick Spellerberg, professor of mathematics said.

When Dunning made his retirement official, the department publicized the job opening and appointed Spellerberg along with Mathematics Professor Bruce Sloan, Murphy Waggoner, associate professor of mathematics, English Professor Nancy St. Clair and Jackie Brittingham, assistant professor of biology, to the search committee.

According to Spellerberg, Simpson received between 100 and 115 applications. Waggoner and Spellerberg met with some of the candidates the committee had pre-selected at the joint meetings of the American Mathematical Society held in Atlanta.

“She became our top choice as soon as we met her, so we asked her to come to campus,” Spellerberg said.

Czarneski was offered the job before she left.

“The committee had already agreed she was our top choice,” Academics Dean Bruce Haddox said. “We knew she had another job interview the next day so we decided to offer her the job, and she agreed verbally that same day.”